Greg T. Spielberg

The Economist’s wacky offer

In Distribution on August 15, 2010 at 9:33 pm

Cartoon from DavidsonMath & Amanda Davidson. Originally by Big Bill Watterson.

The Economist’s ad on Facebook is the strangest magazine-subscription pushes I’ve seen in a long time:

Best Introductory Offer
Best Available Offer. Pay just $12 for the first 12 weekly issues (85% savings) and then $29 for every 3 months thereafter.

1) No one uses “thereafter.”
2) Is it the best introductory offer or the best available offer? Or is it the best available introductory offer?
3) Why is there a “weekly” qualifier in there? Is the Economist trying to suggest that double issues or special issues aren’t included. Or are they assuming people don’t know it’s a weekly.
4) The math. The math is just so strange. $12 for the first 12 issues is a good deal, and they’re stressing that the offer is $1 an issue. Then, they move to three-month intervals, which is what 12 weeks is,  but they don’t want us to see $12=12 issues and then $29=12 issues.

So what’s the deal, then, actually? 12 +29(3) = 99. After all that clever number play, the deal is an expensive $100 or the deal-sounding $99. Clever


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