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Notes from prison .1.

In life on August 16, 2010 at 8:28 pm
My good friend is in prison down South. He recently started a 26-40-month sentence. Through CorrLinks and ATG we can communicate through email. There’s a 30,000 character limit, which is surreal since Tweets are measured by .0046 that. I’m going to start posting his emails.


What up I thought I would fill you in a little more then last time.  How are things with you? You still have a job? Doing something new?  How is streetwater?  Well, fill me in on you let me know who the real world is treating you.  Of course as you know now I am in my final location after 14+ weeks.  During my 14 weeks I have seen the worst of the worse, the middle, and now camp.  I must say seeing all of that other shit makes you really appriate the camp.

The camp is like a small colege campus with everything you can think of; education department, Rec room (ping pong, billards, card, etc), library, weight pile and fitness center, wood and leather shop, sports fields, etc.  Having not bar and fences is nice to I can walk around with no hand cuff or shakles, I must say it save the skin around the  I live in a dorm setting so some times you feel like you are at summer camp when you were a little kid, minus the egos of course.  Everthing has time limits, like computers I can read for 30 min at a time but then have to wait 30 min to get back on, its to give everyone a chance.  Trust me if they did not have these rules there would be alot of problems, I mean on my journey I say more fights start over the TV room, meaning my seat or what channel the tv is on.

Things are good I just got a job off base at another Air Force base called Eglin.  I am told its the largest base in the world 750,00+ achers.  I work at the recycel center and make the buck a whole 20 cents an hour, ballin.  I guess something is better then nothing, however it pass the time.  Finally settling into a routine a little bit of spanish class and public speacking along with church.  I have been getting my workout on again as well as playing soccer in a league twice a week.  Sorry but the timer is saying I have 1 min left but I just wanted to say hello and thinking of you and hope all is well.  Look forward hearing back from you.